"Fix both feet to goodwill and let not the other foot to malice." - Rui P.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Something New To Learn About

It will only take just one glance for half a second to give you a good exceptional memory to start. They say that whenever you meet people you automatically sort them out. You categorize them and feel exactly to which part of your life they'd fill in. Friends, enemies and strangers they all have lots of room to spare. Your family has already taken the space of a sideline royalty but there's probably one thing exceptionally unique which I still can't validate yet for it is still unknown. Although, I knew that I would encounter something I've been trying to write on for years but my life doesn't work the way I want it but only work the way I need it. Still I couldn't define it completely over yet. Probably, I 'd rather enjoy it than understand it and just be inflamed. I don't know.

By the way, although the lyrics of this song ain't that perfect to draw what I feel but let me take note that I wasn't lonely. I was completely happy and not needing anything until something happened.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Nothing Of Importance

I've been trying to get back here. Been longing to feel my fingers typing, longing  to see my inner reflections in words. Seeing myself alive with lexical patterns, articulating the current swirling vortex of my own thoughts and imagining myself floating in it.

If there is any. Toink!

I don't want to burst my own bubble but honestly I have no thoughts! I mean no useful thoughts that I'm aware of. I've been busy with my new career which I never imagined would come to life! Now I'm alive!

Anyway,  I'm not yet saying goodbye. Just trying to make an informal transition there. See? Told yah! Nothing really much to say here but a bunch of crappy words. Just making a junkie thing to read for spare time. For your spare time. Breathe.

My purpose seriously is to have a friendly typo activity over my blog and simply wanting to see myself typing anything! That's it! Now I'm done!  Chow. Going to leave you with a song. Nyaahhhrrrr!!! I think that roar sound so sexy. No. I'm not in a hurry, just busy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Was It A Goofy Action?

Things really got funnier lately.  I had problems with my computer and I'm guilty being conscious about it.  Guilty because despite the fact that I knew something is wrong and it is under maintenance I still made a dry run by opening a few lessons.  I guess that's what happened when you've been away for too long and you've missed your job so much you wanted to start everything right away no matter what.

So for that reason I ended up having no student at all.  I made them really uncomfortable. Funny now that my computer is working at its finest I could hardly wait to show it.  How I'm finally audibly clearer.  I mean the clearest ever.  Clearer than they could ever imagined.  That if ever a needle falls and they'd hear it, that is totally going to be the end of my teaching career.

But now I'm back to zero and trying to scale everything up again. :(

By the way, let me show you this video about the recent sky phenomenon of planet Venus crossing the sun. Since I haven't seen it the time it happened I had managed to find a video from NASA itself.  So I hope you'd enjoy it though this will happen again for another 105 years. We're grateful that modern technology has its own way to make it available for our viewing pleasure. And also more grateful that God made things perfectly beautiful. We could enjoy one of the greatest happenings out in the universe without any turmoil because everything was accurately made according to their own movements. Have you ever thought of that? Or are you the one who believes that everything came from accident? Then watch this:

Thursday, June 07, 2012

I Used to Love You..

It's been raining a week now. Okay honestly I used to like rain. No actually I've been in loved with it. I used to feel the excitement whenever the rainy season first sprinkle its drop of presence readying to wash away the heat caused by summer season. Then smelling it which reminds me of my childhood days when my grandparents used to hug me warmed with their shirts. I love everything about it not only the smell, the sound, the lazy atmosphere it gives to those who likes to snooze and get cozy doing nothing.  But I also love the chocolate porridge (champorado) we fondly eat during these cold season.

Let's sing in the rain with Beyonce.

Anyway, now that I'm not even expecting it so early this year, it's spoiling everything around me. My running, my cycling, even visiting to the nearest gym made me lame staying at home babysitting my laziness. It's not healthy. I'm done with babysitting. I'm a grown up now and I made a resolution just two months ago.That I will stop nursing laziness and push my body to get active again with whatever sweating, heart raising, pumping activity that I can get myself with. But I was too surprised how rain came so early this year! It used to came over like every September or earlier September. Where it forms and falls down deliriously into typhoon since the first stint of climate change. But now it's annoying me. Why does it came right on time now?  Did the climate finally decided to get healthy? Now that I finally decided to get healthy too.

I can't even work. My internet connection isn't working well. So what am I going to do next? 

Well I tried hitting the gym once but that one time of stubbornness laid me back to settle down at home for a week because it brought me fever and excessive cough. Almost feel like pneumonia that I could feel my lungs sucked out of my throat and sear my eyes bulged every time I cough. Oh my!

Ah well at least I could write, bleh!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I Rue...

My ever supernatural attitude just showed up. Am I giving up all of my social grace over my strange audacity?  I don’t challenge people.  But sometimes I have this inclination to test them with a strangest honesty of my weaklings. It's my nature and I don't intend to do it. It just came out naturally.  I lack the appetite to kiss and make up at each sudden predicament which I think makes me less apprehensible and successfully undesirable.

But I need to be back on earth. I don’t need to be so heartless and mean. If I want to order a living, I must beckon kindness to mankind and to myself as well. Because with huge apparent reason I let my kindness run away for a while.  But now that planet earth is showing me with delirium that there still goodness over Mankind.  Specially the masculine division, it's now time to start learning my way back treating everyone fairly.

I remember one time when I was just starting with my part time job.  A guy furiously cursing me for being so late, even after I coaxed him about the Skype trouble that causes my tardiness he totally bring me to break down like a guilty child. Crying out my apology made me became gloppy wishing I’d simply pressed myself to melt like a cotton candy in front of him. But he felt sorry and apologetic as he find my tears as a real showcase of hurt . Then just like a child I sob while bringing myself back in equilibrium.

Then an hour ago I’m skimpy, squeamish and cold but treated with unwavering calmness of a lulu. It takes a real wise man to treat me with all of my aftermath although they‘re not ever so slightly aware of.  Surprisingly, there are people who were carried to have a sullen crossing in your life just to snap you out of yourself to put your lost spirit back to the real world once again. You steal both of your time and move on afterwards.  I just had an encounter with someone who gave me a level of thought for just a limited time. Giving me a notion that life is still patient to handle me with care.

Somehow this adds up a little of trust on my empty belief bottle.

Pet peeves: A choppy and a wavy connectivity creates greater gap. It make us lose out of track. I pray that my internet connection be good to me the sooner the better.